• OVA is a brand that was created as a combination of modern design and traditional Bosnian handicrafts. By combining elements of thoughtful and peculiar designs that retain authentic forms and skills, we have created a unique blend of quality and identity. Each OVA product is unique and tells a different story through the details and shapes, as well as the natural variations of texture and colors, all of which underscore our commitment to the design and the traditional craft. • Our goal is the economic empowerment of women, who with their knowledge and inherited traditional skills, remind us of the importance of preserving the tradition, heritage and diversity of people and cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina. → By purchasing OVA products you provide the necessary and continuous support for the production of handicrafts and the preservation of traditional heritage. This brand was initially supported by UN Women Bosnia and Herzegvoina.

The Book of Water

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    Marcus Moor

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